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  • At Last An Update (UAinComments)
    Support has been added for Microsoft Edge, Windows 10, and Windows Phone 10. The image for Silk has been updated. So, the pics directory has changed, as has the useragents
  • Updates for Useragent Info in Comments
    So, I've been sitting on this one for a while. I don't know why. The WiiU and PlayStation 4 were added to the extension, I've fixed an image, and made some updates to the
  • Unusual Update, Again
    Another year passes, and Blog Stats is updated again. This time, the update is a minor one, from 1.4 to 1.4.1. The update is a bug fix that deals with some internals with
  • Updates, updates, updates...
    Over the past week, I've made a few updates to the useragents database, translation routine, and the images that the Useragent Info in Comments extension uses. I've added
  • Two-file Update
    ChromePlus decides to change their name to CoolNovo, so the two files mentioned have been updated; however, the browser still identifies itself as ChromePlus on Linux (and
  • Useragent Info In Comments Updated to v2.0
    Once again, the Useragent Info in Comments extension has been updated. This was a sweeping change that includes the support for themes. Now, PivotX bloggers can create the
  • Useragent Info In Comments Updated to v1.1
    Useragent Information in Comments has been updated. The first change is a quick one. Hans filled me in to a change in global variable that PivotX uses, so that has been fi
  • Blog Stats Updated to v1.3
    I discovered a bug in blog stats when setting up this blog as a matter of fact. If you used this extension to display information about an empty category, either of entrie

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