Useragents DB updated

12 Jul 2011
22:59 and, too

I've updated the useragents database to include Windows 3.x (in case, for some reason, someone commented on your site using it or spoofing it) as well as unspecified Windows. As a result, the pics and grayscale theme have been updated. The images also include a new image for MSIE; the old one had artifacts in it.

Get them here:

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Useragent Info In Comments Updated to v2.0

01 Jul 2011

it now supports themes!

Once again, the Useragent Info in Comments extension has been updated. This was a sweeping change that includes the support for themes. Now, PivotX bloggers can create their own set of images to use to represent the useragent information of their visitors' comments; now you can create an image set that matches the theme of your blog! Included with 2.0 is the theme Default in Grayscale (the name should explain what it looks like).

Other changes include changing the %gecko-webkit% and %gecko-webkit-text% parameters to %browser-engine% and %browser-enginetext%, respectively, as now, the extension identifies five layout engines (as opposed to the previous two, Gecko and WebKit). There are some other internal changes as well as a bug fix.

As mentioned, this is a sweeping change, so pretty much all of the files have been updated, including the images. I would suggest, for ease of updating your site, that you delete the pics directory and upload it afresh from the archive, if you are using local resources. Everything remotely has been updated.

Pertinent links:

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