Useragent Run-Through

01 Jul 2011

A look at your useragent and a run-through of the extension-supported OSes and Browsers

  • Your Useragent: CCBot/2.0 (
  • Translation:

If the tranlsation above is incorrect, please let me know. If any part of the translation is UNKNOWN, let me know what that part is supposed to be so that I may update or improve the extension. In both cases, include the full useragent, as well. Please, don't send me information on spoofs or fakes; I know how easy it is to spoof or fake.

Supported Operating Systems and Browsers:

OS run-through [74]
Linux and Spoons [24] Windows [14] Macintosh [14] BeOS [2] Mobile [11] Video Game Console [9]
Browser run-through [69]

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